Tree Protector Package

$10 + tax

Protect your trees! Tree protection helps to protect the bark of any tree you attach your slackline to from abrasion, and also helps prolong the life of your slackline webbing! Slack-Librium provides tree protection with every slackline kit sold, but if you already have a slackline, have lost your tree protection, or simply would like some more, we offer separate tree protection kits for sale. Our tree protectors are five feet long, six inches wide, and include a velcro strap for easy fastening. Each kit includes two tree protectors (one for each tree!)

Tree protection is absolutely essential for any slackliner. Especially if you are slacklining in public parks, PLEASE use some form of tree protection to help preserve our access to public spaces. When set up properly, slacklining is not harmful to trees, and it is our collective responsibility as slackliners to minimize our impact on the environment and not cause unnecessary damage.

Every purchase of Slack-Librium equipment directly supports our Student Sponsorship Fund, allowing us to provide equipment & education to underserved youth.


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